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Paint Night


1. What is a "Paint Night"?


"Paint Nights" or "Painting Parties" are private or public events held over the course of a couple of hours where an experienced artist guides participants on how to paint a portrait in a step-by-step fashion, showing them different techniques and tricks with all sorts of brush styles. Ages 10+ are welcome in this fun and creative environment, and best of all, you get to take your masterpiece home! Watered-down acrylic paint is used for this particular practice.


2. What do I have to bring?


Just yourself! All supplies are provided. It is however, recommended to wear clothing that you do not care about getting paint on!

Paint N' Sip' with "Arbutus By The Sea"
A happy moment painting "Arbutus By The Sea"

3. What supplies are provided?

  • tablecloths

  • aprons

  • acrylic paint

  • brushes

  • rags

  • drop sheets (if applicable)

  • paint water cups

  • canvases

  • palettes

  • easels

4. How do I get paint off of my clothing?


Upon first sight of paint on your clothing, head to any sink as soon as possible and run the stain under cold water until you have removed some or most of the paint. Apply dawn dish soap or laundry detergent and rub the affected fabric together with your hands. Throw in the wash. If the stain is still having trouble washing out, try rubbing with vegetable oil, acetone, or isopropyl alcohol. The paint used at this particular paint event is watered down for faster drying times, so it is unlikely that a stain should persist if you follow these steps right away.

A happy duo's results of "Spyhop"
A fun outing for a group of friends

5. How long does an event usually last?


Events last anywhere from 1-3 hours at a time. This is dependant on how big the group is, the canvas size, and if the event is held indoors or outdoors, as paint will dry quicker outdoors. Since paint is watered down for faster drying times, the event is hours shorter than it would have been if not for that.


6. How long does set up/take down take?


The artist will arrive 1-2 hours before the scheduled event time for set up. Clean-up usually takes around a maximum of 45 minutes.

8. What is your refund policy?


For public events:


Refunds and/or credits are issued to the customer if notified 48 hours or more before the event.

Credits will be issued to the customer if notified 24 hours or more before the event. 

*Each credit can only be redeemed once*


If you are unable to make the next event that the credit is issued for, then it will not be able to be redeemed again.

If notified on the day of the event, no refund or credit will be issued.


For private events:


For large groups, A $100 deposit is required when the client has decided on a date. A refund will be given in full if notified of cancellation 2 weeks or more before the event (one month is preferred). If notified after, the $100 will not be refunded


Please email if you have

any questions or concerns

A mother daughter paint day celebrating "Free Flight"
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